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770-441-5900 / 800-241-7708 / FAX 770-409-7259 / EMAIL mike@american-niagara.com


To swap further facts, or for Volume Pricing, call

"MIKE" 800-241-7708 or 770-441-5900

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Thanks for visiting AMERICAN NIAGARA. We were established in 1971 by two brothers, Ervin & Vic Barocas. Today, the company is run by the management team of Vic and sons, Scotty and David, and Mike Maccaroni (Chief Operating Officer). and Albert Cohen (Chief Financial Officer). Jack Arogeti, CPA, has joined as Director of New Business Development.

We proudly cater to a wide range of industries with special attention to the Screen Printing Industry in the USA and to the apparel (cut and sew) Industry on a worldwide basis. We also sell a full range of products to dry cleaners, upholsterers, embroiderers and industry in general.

We hope you find what you are looking for! And remember, if you need volume pricing, let us know and we'll go to bat for you. Also, if you did not find any item you were looking for, please let us know.

To contact our Operational Team:

mike@american-niagara.com (Mike Maccaroni, COO)

scott@american-niagara.com (Scotty Barocas, President)

jack.arogeti@american-niagara.com (Jack Arogeti, V.P. New Business)

david@american-niagara.com (David Barocas, Sales Manager)

albert@american-niagara.com (Albert Cohen, CFO)

victor@american-niagara.com (Victor Barocas, CEO)

jeff@american-niagara.com (Jeff Board) SPRAY GUN ISSUES

mariela@american-niagara.com (Mariela Carrasquillo) For Espanol

americanniagara@aim.com (April Hofman)

*To contact VIPER SCREEN SUPPLY mitzi@viperscreensupply.com

Though most products are sold under our own labels, we also have strategic alliances with other well known companies. So, for detailed information on those products, kindly direct yourself to the following links: