Blockout Pen-Red (sold by each)

Blockout Pen-Red (sold by each)

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This simple to use ‘red’ or ‘green’ blockout is ideal for touching up
emulsion on your screen stencils.  Simple to use, just blot out any
pinhole by touching the pens tip over any pinhole.  When more
emulsion is required, simply press the pen cap to release more
emulsion into the tip.

Fast drying, water soluble Blockout Pen is used to fix pinholes on screens, with no need to take screes off the press.  Blockout Pen even 
works upside-down!

The original Blockout Pen from 1st Print.  Use in screenmaking department or on press for quick pinhole repair and touchup work.
Fast drying, dependable, large size.  Order green pen for solvent based inks.


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