Consew 503K Portable Electric Narrow Rotary Shear

Consew 503K Portable Electric Narrow Rotary Shear

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Model 503K is a lightweight yet powerful rotary shear (scissor action) that lets you cut fabric with incredible speed. It comes with built-in sharpener and safety features.

The 503K is excellent for narrow curves and sharp corners. For cutting single and low lays of material. Used for slitting and trimming knitted fabrics when base plate is removed.


  • Lightweight and Powerful
  • Grip-style Switch Bar - Automatically stops when NOT pressed.
  • Fast, accurate Scissor Action Cuts ensured by carbide blade.
  • No fusing or "Pull In" of materials
  • 6-Sided High-Speed Steel Blade easy to change and longer lasting
  • Removal base plate allows "off the table" operations sush as slitting
  • Impact Resistant Casing
  • Shock Protection - double insulated against electrical shock
  • Shielded Ball Bearings require no lubrication or servicing and ensures free and quiet operation
  • Built in sharpener


Blade Size2" (50mm)
Blade TypeHexagonal Knife
Cutting Depth, Max.9/32" (7.2mm)
Weight19oz (540gr)
Electrial Motor110 volts AC - 50 Watt (220 volts available special order)
Electrical Connection6 1/2-foot line cord with standard plug

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