We are the only screen printing supplier in the industry with free shipping on all orders over just $99.  While the competition forces you to spend $200-$300 to get free ground shipping, we give you free ground shipping when you spend $99 or more.  

This is a HUGE DEAL when it comes to oversized boxes - dimensional weight is what UPS calls it.  An oversized box typically is surcharged even if it weighs little.  So when you order for example screen printing frames, no more spending $50+ for ground shipping.. it ships FOR FREE.  

Same thing goes for surcharges such as shipping freight to a residence or extended distance charges.  It doesn't matter if your business is in the city or the country, it ships for free.

Some exclusions apply specifically, heavy equipment which normally ships LTL.  If you need heavy equipment or anything that is going to ship LTL, give us a call.  We price match the competition and guarantee our freight charges are less than the competition.

American Niagara has the best shipping deal in the industry across the entire United States.  No other screen printing supplier comes even close.  So go look at the competition and read all of their detailed annoying terms to get free shipping when you spend over $200 and then come back to us for the lowest prices and free shipping.  It's a no brainer!