Kwik Kleen 200
Kwik Kleen 200

Kwik Kleen 200

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Fast Drying, High Powered Textile Stain Remover Solvent Blend for Fabric

Premium Blend (flammable)

Packaging: 55 gallon drums; 5 gallon pails;  4-1 gallon case

Used by:
garment & textile manufacturers, textile mills, knitting mills, retail stores (back room), tailor shops, etc.

Description & Directions: Very fast drying spot cleaning solvent for use through a textile cleaning gun (see related items below).  Simply fill gun bowl, direct the nozzle at the stain from 4-6" and remove stain.  as with all solvents, use in well ventilated areas and read m.s.d.s. thoroughly prior to use.

Properties:  a blend of high grade, virgin raw materials.  Depending on the season of the year, all or none of the following may be added to further ensure stability and clarity: 1,2 butylene oxide and nitromethane or hexane used as inhibitors prior to blending and will be shown only as trace elements.

Note: if a "ring" or "circle" appears in the fabric after the initial stain has been removed.  we suggest you spray on Pull-Out 2 or Pull-Out Premium.  These products, (see related items below), are life savers to any cut and sew operation.  Also, some fabrics are predisposed to ringing.
(inert ingredients are not listed and are considered as trade secrets)

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