Misty 2317 LV Foam & Fabric Adhesive
Misty 2317 LV Foam & Fabric Adhesive

Misty 2317 LV Foam & Fabric Adhesive

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Case of 12 cans, 12 oz. per can.
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Misty 2317 LV Foam & Spray is a Wide Web Spray Pattern Adhesive for Upholsters

  • Wide Web Spray Pattern
  • Temporary or Permanent Bonds
  • Final Bond is Strong and Durable
  • Orange Dye Coverage Indicator
  • Waterproof and Flexible
  • Contains No Chlorinated Solvents

This product is formulated for the needs of the professional upholster. The product contains a super high solid, orange dyed adhesive with a wide web spray for positive control of coverage and application and minimal overspray.  Fast tack and high bond strength enable users of the product to maintain speed during assembly without waiting excessively for adhesives to set.  The waterproof and flexible adhesive is non-dimpling and will remain in place after years of service without compression.  The super high solids formula will yield maximum coverage in a production adhesive.  Ideally suited for bonding urethane or latex foam to themselves or to other materials such as metal, plastic, fiber board, wood, and more.  In addition, this product is made without using chlorinated solvents.

Case of 12 cans, 12 oz. per can.

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