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A Tough Durable Ink for Athletic Uniforms
Product Overview:
ATP inks are designed specifically for athletic uniforms, athletic bag printing, and difficult to print-on fabrics. This ink may be
printed thick for athletic lettering and transfers. ATP has excellent, low bleed characteristics and is recommended for use on nylon
and polyester materials including mesh, dazzle cloth, Cordura® and other difficult fabrics. ATP inks were not formulated for
printing on closed weave nylon jackets/shells without the use of MF-66 Nylon Bonding Additive.
For best results use a flood/print method using a 60 to 70 durometer, squeegee. A print, flash, print is recommended for
polyester. 60-110 TPI (23-43 TPcm). Screens stretched to a minimum of 25 newtons are recommended. Coarse meshes are
recommended for a thicker ink deposit. The ATP inks have excellent adhesion and will produce a long print life on loosely woven
nylon substrates. Closed or tight weave nylon shell fabrics (used in jackets) will still require MF-66 Nylon Bonding Agent. Warning:
Some jackets are waterproofed and may prevent MF-66 from bonding. A solvent wipe of the fabric may be required.
Use any direct emulsion or capillary film.
ATP inks are ready to print. Reduce if absolutely necessary using P-5011 Curable Reducer. Reducing the viscosity will also reduce
the opacity and coverage of the ink.
Depending on your flash unit, ATP Inks will flash in 3 seconds (10 watts per sq. in/heating area) or 4-5 seconds (6-7 watts per sq.
in. /heating area).
Cure at 300˚F (148˚C) over a 60-90 second period, depending on oven type and thickness of ink deposit. A thicker deposit will take
longer to cure as the heat must penetrate through the entire ink layer.
Use any of the commercially available products for the cleanup of plastisol inks.
Environmentally Friendly:
QCM Plastisol Ink contains no leaded pigments and, when properly disposed of, has no environmental impact. Use a screen wash
for plastisols for cleanup. Scrape screens carefully and store ink for reuse. Minimize unusable scrap ink by segregating ink by color.
QCM PPR-901 Black pigment can be used to convert old ink into black ink for waste elimination.
ATP Line

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