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The QMX system consists of 14 total components, 12 colors and a transparent and white base. That is all that is required to mix over 1000 colors. QMX ink is very soft, smooth and exhibits excellent printing characteristics while producing a very nice printed finish. Due to its texture and print ability, higher mesh counts may be used resulting in soft hand finishes. Our formula guide also provides you with the opacity data for each color. This will tell you at a glance whether or not you need to use a base plate.

QMX is designed around the Pantone® color guide. Pantone® is the world wide guide for graphic arts. It is on all major software systems including Coral Draw and Adobe Illustrator. Wherever art is generated Pantone® colors are likely to be specified.

qcm bulletThe most accurate Pantone matching system on the market.
qcm bulletColors mixed with the QMX system are bright and clean, ideal for process color printing.
qcm bulletThe formula guide is very easy to use. Available as software and in book format.
qcm bulletThe opacity of each color is stated in percentage which is valuable in planning and pricing jobs, i.e. if a white plate will be needed and what mesh should be used.
qcm bullet

Ideal for Wet-On-Wet printing. When used properly QMX inks will not build up on succeeding screens.