Ultimate Clean Up Cards
Ultimate Clean Up Cards

Ultimate Clean Up Cards

Part Number: UCC1500
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1500 cards to a box


A disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers

Clean Screens
Cleans more ink faster.
Less ink goes in the trash.
Workers are back printing sooner.

Apply Block-Out
Spreads Block-out quickly and easily.
Dispose of card when finished - no mess.

Clean Squeegees
Quickly wipes ink from squeegees.
Will not nick rubber.

Clean Scoop-coaters
Fold card diagonally in half to clean coaters.
Saves time and emulsions.

Apply Adhesive
Great for spreading pallet adhesive.
No sticky tools to clean.

Strong enough to scoop thick ink.
Great for scooping dry ingredients.

Saves Time - Inexpensive - Disposable - Conserves Ink - Strong - Solvent and Water Resistant - Cleans Scoop-Coaters - Made in the USA

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