Re-Stretching old screen printing frames is a great way to save cash and resources. Instead of throwing away your old frames, send them to us to be re-surfaced, re-meshed, and re-flattened.

American Niagara processes your frames quickly saving you time and money.  

Most aluminum screen printing frames are stretched on large screen stretching tables. While this method is cheaper, the finished product suffers. We stretch each of your frames individually to obtain industry leading consistency and tensions over a wide range of mesh counts and frame sizes.  See a list of sizes we re-stretch below. 

Frames are prepped using the highest quality materials in the industry, Only high quality saati mesh is stretched (to above average tension) producing some of the highest quality re-stretch frames in the industry. 

We can re-stretch your screen printing frames with the following mesh counts listed below.

We re-stretch most used sizes including 20” X 24”, 23” X 31”, and 25” X 36”.

For a quote, contact  Jeff Board, or Scott Barocas at 1-800-241-7708.

Mesh counts available include:

24 WHT. - 38.WHT. - 60 WHT. - 86 WHT. - 110 WHT. - 110 YEL. - 125 WHT. - 125 YEL. - 140 WHT. - 140 YEL. - 155 WHT. - 155 YEL. - 180 WHT. - 180 YEL. - 200 WHT. - 200 YEL. - 230 YEL. - 255 YEL. - 280 YEL. - 305 YEL. - 355 YEL.