Our New Website is LIVE !!

After 5 months of design and development work, we are pleased to announce our new website is live!  

You can browse by product category across the top mega menu.  The mega menu has been better organized so you can find what you need FAST.

You can also browse by industry from the home page (to be finished next week).

The search bar at the top of all pages produces much faster results.  And its smarter.. so for example if you need an ink with glitter, just search the word "glitter" and you will quickly find what you need.  Same thing goes for adhesives and other products.  

We are working on adding more inventory including equipment, tapes, and raw chemicals.  We have a NEW ITEMS category coming soon that will quickly take you to items we have added within the past 4 months.

We are still working some punch list items so if you see anything out of place, feel free to let me know although we are aware of most minor remaining issues.

If you have any suggestions regarding the website, please contact me via joel@american-niagara.com.   Thank you for your business!

Best Regards and Happy New Year!

Joel Lesser
E-Commerce and Website Sales Manager
joel@american-niagara.com | American-Niagara.com
800.241.7708 ext. 132

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Inks and Tapes are on Sale!

Check out these super low prices on Split Liner Tape & Pallet (Platen) Tape



No coupon code necessary.. discount is automatically applied at checkout. 

Order today, it ships today! Low price guaranteed.. you will not find lower online prices. But if you do, call in and we will match it!

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Need Methylene Chloride in California?

It's well known that it is getting tougher to find methylene chloride in California due to regulators who are proposing restrictions on paint strippers that include this popular widely used solvent.  The jury is still out on whether or not the EPA will regulate this widely used solvent.  When used with proper safeguards, it's still widely used in many applications.

Methylene chloride isn't only used in paint strippers.  It is used as a degreaser in many manufacturing plants.  In the food industry, it has been used to decaffeinate coffee and tea as well as to prepare extracts of hops and other flavorings.  Its volatility has led to its use as an aerosol spray propellant and as a blowing agent for polyurethanefoams.

We have methlyne chloride at very competitive prices, about $18 a gallon when you order it in large quantities.  In smaller quantities, we are still very competitively priced.  That's FOB Atlanta... shop around and you will see that it costs more to ship methlyne chloride from Texas to California than it is to ship it from Atlanta.  After you shop around, give us a call and we guarantee we will have the lowest price and can ship methylene chloride SAME DAY to California.

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Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDS) Update

Hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDS) Update

Observations by: Vic Barocas, CEO American Niagara
770-441-5900 / victor@4anc.com

As we all know, HEXYLMETHYLDISILOXANE (HMDS) has been in very tight (short supply) and the pricing has risen to unacceptable levels.  My company has actually taken one of our products off the market that contained HMDS due to us no longer being able to compete.  Some companies have invested in very large stocks mostly from China as the word came out that that market was “dumping” HMDS at cheap prices prior to the announced tariffs...
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